How Old Is Timothy Olyphant’s Son Henry Olyphant? What Is His Life Story?

Tim Olyphant (his father) and Alexis Knief (his mother) only have one boy,henry olyphant. Besides his older sister Grace Katherine (1999), he has a younger sister named Vivian Olyphant. He is the middle child of three. He was born in California, USA, in 2001. An off-Broadway play called “The Monogamist” in 1995 was Timothy Olyphant’s first role. He is now a famous actor in Hollywood. Movies like “Deadwood” and “Hitman” made Timothy famous. Even though Henry’s dad is famous, he has decided to keep his life quiet, just like Henry’s mum.

Short Facts

  • Title and Description
  • The full name of henry olyphant
  • 2001 birth year

Age 22

Name of FatherJohn Timothy Olyphant

  • Alexis Knief is her mother’s name.
  • Sister Grace the Elder Hi Katherine
  • Vivian Olyphant, the younger sister
  • Nationality: United States
  • Blonde hair
  • Brown eyes

Life story

Timothy Olyphant and his wife Alexis Knief have three children. henry olyphant is the oldest child. He was born and raised in California, which is in the United States, so he is now an American citizen. In the year 2023, he is 22 years old. His birth year is 2001, but no one has said what month or date he was born. A sister named Grace Katherine was born in 1999, and a sister named Vivian Olyphant was born in 2003.

Early Years and School

Along with his two sisters, henry olyphant was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is currently living with his family and working towards his school goals. Even though not much is known about him, he is thought to be studying at a well-known school.

How much money does henry olyphant have?

Henry is still in school, so his job and goals for the future have not been made public yet. But his father, Timothy, is a famous actor in Hollywood known for his wide range of roles. He is thought to be worth around $20 million.

In the family of henry olyphant

Tyler Olyphant and his wife Alexis met when he was in college. Tim was 23 years old and Alexis was 21 years old when they got married in 1991. John Varnan Olyphant, Henry’s grandpa on his dad’s side, was married to Katherine Olyphant. They were both from the United States.

The day he was born, his sister Grace Katherine was born. She went to California Polytechnic State University to study business administration. She works as a sustainable clothes designer right now.

That being said, his younger sister Vivian Olyphant did what her father did and started acting in 2023 on the TV show “Justified: City Primaeval” with her father, Timothy. The role she played on the show was Timothy’s daughter Willa Givens.

henry olyphant‘s interests

The father of Henry, Timothy Olyphant, said in an interview that Henry loves sports. Henry and Timothy have become close over the years because they both love sports. His son likes his work, especially the voiceovers he does for video games like “Call of Duty.” On his Facebook page, you can see that he is also interested in art.


Hey, who is henry olyphant?

Tim Olyphant, a famous actor, and his wife Alexis have a kid.

Is henry olyphant related to anyone else?

She is Grace Katherine, and her name is Vivian Olyphant. She is his younger sister.

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