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Who Are Marina Sabatier’s Parents? The Death Of her Father And The Jail Time Of Her Mother

Because her parents physically abused her when she was just two years old, marina sabatier had an awful life. By striking her, Marina believed that her parents, Virginie Darras and Eric Sabatier, were expressing their love for her. She silently endured the beatings till her body gave out. On August 7, 2009, Marina passed away in the family basement. She hurt and felt cold.

Marina’s father passed away in prison, and her mother is serving a 30-year sentence.

After beating their daughter to death, Virginie Darras and Eric Sabatier were sentenced to 30 years in prison. The jury was given the option to select between two punishments, 30 years or life in prison, according to the prosecution. The second one was chosen by the judges.

Darras might be able to leave prison 20 years earlier. In September 2016, Erik lost away from cancer while incarcerated.

Particularly horrible were Marina’s final few hours of life. Eric testified in court that when he arrived home from work, Marina was sitting on a chair in her undies. Europe1 was told by Eric, “I hit her, she pees on herself.”

Eric informed her that he had given her a chilly bath. Eric replied, “I slap her so hard that she hits the edge of the tub.” According to Marina’s father, Darras hit Marina after going into the bathroom.

According to him, they kept Marina in the frigid bath and occasionally submerged her head. He claimed Marina had struck her head multiple times. Eric reported that Darras gave Marina a spoonful of coarse salt and vinegar.

He claimed that after taking Marina, who was trembling and naked, to the basement, the couple continued to beat her. Marina told Darras a falsehood, claiming to have a headache. “Good night, mum,” Marina said to Darras as he left. “See you next week.”

She didn’t wake up at all. She was struck in the head, was chilly, and inhaled vomit, all of which contributed to her acute subdural hematoma and subsequent death. The doctor said that Marina was in a coma because there was a lot of fluid in her lungs.

Eric reported Marina’s removal to the police. Eric led them to Marina’s body while the cops put more and more pressure on him. State attorney Chantal Moulin-Bernard provided The Daily Mail with the following information:

“One night, the child was left alone in a cellar.” It was discovered to be still in the morning. First, the body was concealed someplace else in a deep freezer. After that, it was placed in a cement-filled trunk.

Marina stated that she didn’t deserve to be freed prior to receiving her sentence.

It’s unclear why Darras and Eric did so severe damage to Marina but never to their other children. “Both my stepfather and my mother beat Marina a lot.” Our ex-spouse’s son declared, “We were never hit.”

The court considered whether Marina’s parents needed to target her because they were mentally ill. Although Darras and Eric’s psychiatrists had severe mental health issues, neither of them had sound discernment.

In her final speech to the court, Darras apologised but said she didn’t deserve to be forgiven.

“I adored you, Marina, until everything changed. I put you down and disregarded you till I damaged you. Until you had to defend us, you too loved us. Darras replied, “I don’t deserve to be forgiven, and especially not by you, Marina.”

Marina’s mother promised to look into why her daughter mistreated her while she was incarcerated.

In order to get Darras a shorter sentence, Eric informed the judge he would shoulder the majority of the blame. “My wife wanted me to take the most so that she could leave as soon as possible to take care of the kids,” he stated.

In his brief farewell remarks, Eric brought up his children once more. Erik responded, “All I want is to be able to say sorry to my kids one day and help them get back on their feet.”

Marina’s parents coerced her into lying to the police about her injuries.

Eric and Darras moved around a lot to avoid answering questions regarding Marina’s condition and bruises. However, Marina’s teachers at the many schools she attended saw her weakness and reported it to the authorities. When questioned about Marina’s injuries, Eric said they were just accidents.

Marina was contacted by two police agents in July 2008 after suffering an injury. Marina talked about the scars on her body while grinning and appearing happy. Darras replied, “I think I told her she wouldn’t see us again and that we could go to jail.” Eric admitted that he secretly hoped Marina would report the torture to the authorities:

“‘Dad, I won’t say anything,’ she told me as we drove to the police station.'” But I knew that ultimately she would. I would have like to hear her, but I was afraid I would be locked up when we went to the gendarmerie for the hearing.”

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