What Is Local SEO Citation Building Service

What A Citation Is

Local SEO citations or What A Citation Is Citation means your brand name or URL mentioned on any webpage or site without link. It means some one referred to you but has not linked to your website.

Everyone wants more links. But link chasers miss the most fundamental truth about links, which is that the most valuable links will be earned due to deserving content. What I call etiologic linking, cause and effect, links and citations earned based on merit. Local SEO Citation Building Service can be defined as mentioning or referring your business details like name, address, phone on local business pages, yellow pages, indexes, b2b and b2c directories, business directories with or without your website details. Example of Yahoo local listing

In directory listings or submissions it is compulsory to give your URL and these links directory always give link to your website. Google latest update is not encouraging such directories. There for the local business sites are very important now.

Search engines are of the view that local business listing verification give more authentication picture of business activities and can be relied upon. Therefore it is one the important in search engine ranking now. Local SEO optimization is not complete without Citation Building Services.

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