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5 Reasons to Upgrade your PC with Windows 10

windows-10Top news comes all the way from Microsoft with its new OS, Windows 10. According to the market, it is said to be the most imaginative edition of Whole Windows operating system. A total make over from new looks to new browser. Not limited with these plus points, add-on’s apps and features makes it first desire of any Windows lover. It is the best fit with the amazing features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 both.One of the Add-on of Windows 10 unlike its previous versions, it is released with SAAS (Software –as-a Service) platform. Free availability of Windows 10 in market as Preview copy of it makes its release different from other versions.

There are so many other facts which are to be discussed to let you know more about Windows 10.

Free availability of Preview version

New idea to go for Preview version of Windows 10 for millions of Windows Insiders to get it tested for improvisation of system is one of the eye catching decisions made by Microsoft. This Pre launch helps to make this version of windows bigger and better in its own way.

Last version in a row of Windows Generation

Microsoft will not launch Windows 11 next year just like other versions of Windows. As Windows is going for the new approach with compassion for the technology and innovation in chorus, so users will be avail with new updates and additional functionalities on Windows 10 only for the coming years.

Back with Start Menu

Windows‘s distinctive property Start Menu is back in Windows 10. But it is poles apart from the standard one. It is designed to be successor of Start menu of Windows 7 along with unique Start screen of Windows 8. Push the Windows key or Start button, sudden Start menu pops out. Start menu and Screen both play a rejuvenating role in Windows 10.

Introducing Microsoft Edge

Hello to new Microsoft Edge and say good bye to Internet Explorer in new Windows 10. As Explorer loses its charm and face value in last few years, Microsoft Edge endeavors to keep up to the desires of audience. Its new Engine improves its presentation of work.

Welcome to the World of Virtual Desktops

Just like Linux and Mac OS, Windows 10 is now integrated with Virtual Desktop experience. The most desirable feature of to assemble and cluster Apps for an easy go experience. Privacy level is enhanced by only placing active apps in the taskbar on the virtual desktop. Easy drag and drop feature let you help in moving around the windows between desktops.

Windows 10 Editions

Like other editions of Windows OS, Windows 10 editions are personalized for different groups of users. It is available in six editions named Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise, Mobile and Mobile Enterprise.

Home edition is used to target Home Users of Windows. For small businesses, Pro edition is available with extra functionalities in Home edition.

Pro with highly developed features is marked as Enterprise edition for targeting medium and large size organizations. To meet the desires of schools and educational organizations, Education edition of Windows 10 will be the best choice.

Mobile edition is for the handy and small mobile device for best user interface to the clients. Mobile Enterprise is avail with extra security for the small tablets and smartphones.

These fantastic five features give techies to desire about Windows 10. So get Windows 10 and feel the better experience by yourself.

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