Moto G Gen 3: A Big Comeback Of Motorola In Emerging Market Of India

moto_g_gen_3Motorola made a return with Moto G which helped it to get into rivalry with other opponents like Xiaomi and many other handset trademarks. All thanks from in-pocket price to its efficient performance setting a milestone for an in-budget Android gadgets.

Motorola just launched Gen 3 in its queue of Moto G as third variation with enormous improvised and add-on features like great design with resistivity from water, advancements in rear and front camera clarity and added RAM for getting the best performance.You will feel the difference as soon as you start unpacking your new Gen 3. But Motorola kept its signature design with features like dual front frame which is very similar to Gen 2.
Key highlight is the Matte finish back cover which gives craggy look to new Moto G Gen 3.  Unlike other Moto devices, this looks much bulky which makes it look bigger in size. But comparatively, it is light in weight as in real world handling just like other paper sleek mobile phones.

Its IPX7 certification gives attestation of Moto G Gen 3 resistivity from water. These feature at this easy on the pocket cost in market gives a stand to Gen 3 while comparing it to others.

But did these features of Moto G Gen 3 are enough to rival with its competitors of current market. We will try to get this answer with a discussion on its features:


Bit dissatisfaction in terms of display as Motorola keeps the dual front frame like Moto G Gen 2 in Gen 3 as well. Users will get to experience the same HD 5 Inch LCD touchscreen with compactness of 294 PPI in 720X1280 pixels resolution screen just like preceding year Gen 2 model.

Regret for the users whom are expecting flashy, eye-catchy display just like other Lenovo and Xiaomi handsets. Those who are pretty much happier with 720X1280 resolutions can go for Gen 3.

Adequate brightness makes it easy to use in outdoors but at the same time we cannot use same words for the viewing angles feature.


Not even a single rival in queue in front of Gen 3 in terms of better performance of Android, they mean it.  But it is constricted to the user practice as well. As it does not come with long list of specifications and features, it always is being worth it.

Finding latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop while opening the box of Moto G Gen 3 like all Moto phones, presents you with the best Android experience ever.  This makes the GUI downier and vivacious in work unlike other phones coming under this budget. Moto Display and Actions are the add-on’s in this Moto G.

Camera & Battery

If you are fond of clicking images in good to medium brightness, the New Moto G will be the new gadget which is designed only for you. With improvised 13MP rear and 5MP front facing camera, gives you better experience of selfies. Upgraded camera sensors, dual LED flash makes your clicking adventure more delightful.

When it comes to the battery life of any mobile phone, no user will compromise in this context. With enormous up gradation from its predecessors, Moto G Gen 3 uses 2,470 MAH battery which simply add amazing battery life to it. Generalized utilization can stand up to at least 24 hours easily.


The new Moto G Gen 3 is fit in all perspectives from Display to Software and Camera to Battery quality and this is a gigantic advancement over its ancestors. The new Gen 3 carries patent of Motorola: bringing value for money along with its amazing new features.

As it will never about the features and specifications, it will always about the user experience.  So if you are looking for a phone with seamless elements but at the same good for pocket, then Gen 3 is still well significance your time and money.

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