Matthew Lillard’s Daughter Addison Grace Lillard : Biography, Family, Songs, Net Worth, Age, Height, Pronouns

The Life and Times of Addison Grace

The American singer-songwriter addison grace lillard has become a media darling. Addison utilises he/they pronouns and identifies as non-binary. He shares his famous father, Mathew Lillard, with the world’s most famous actors. The original vocals and acoustic renditions of hit songs by Grace brought them widespread renown.

The Addison The Grace Personal Information (Age and Birthday)

It was in California, USA, on March 21, 2001, that the artist entered our world. He will turn 21 in the year 2023. His zodiac sign is Aries. On March 21, 2023, Grace will turn 22 years old.

The Addison The Grace Body Mass Index

He is about 1.63 metres (5 feet 5 inches) tall. His weight

The Addison The Grace Knowledge acquisition

The performer went to and graduated from a secondary school in the area. He then worked his way up the retail ladder, eventually becoming a manager and cashier, rather than continuing his education.

Before Addison’s music career took off, he would occasionally perform at local coffee shops. His academic credentials will shortly have more specific information added.

The Addison The Parents and Siblings of Grace

The son of Matthew Lillard and Heather Helm, Addison was born in California. His mother is a real estate agent, while his father is a famous actor.

Macey Lyn and Liam Lillard were his siblings, and he grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. When more details about his family background become available, we will share them with you.

Partners of addison grace lillard: Who Is He Dating?

The famous musician identifies as he/they and is bisexual and non-binary. The song “I Wanna Be a Boy” was Grace’s public coming-out.

Who he is in a relationship with, if anyone, is anyone’s guess. We will shortly update the details of his partner, and we are keeping a close watch.

How Rich Is addison grace lillard?

The media star is worth an estimated $1 million. He has amassed this sum through his investments and long career as a musician.\

Lyrics by addison grace lillard

  • “Sugar Rush”
  • “Overthink”
  • “Honeysuckle”
  • “Party Killer”
  • “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”
  • “Why I Overthink”
  • “I’ve Got a Sugar Rush” (ft. Sydney Rose)
  • “I Wanna Be a Boy”
  • “Makes Me Sick” ft Cameron Hale
  • “Getting Used To”
  • “Pretty Girl”

The Career of addison grace lillard

In 2017, he launched his music career by creating a YouTube channel where Grace uploaded both original songs and renditions of popular ukulele songs.

In 2018 and 2019, respectively, Addison started sharing music and other stuff on Instagram and TikTok. She has more than 551,000 people following him on Instagram.

Apart from that, he’s had over 200,000 YouTube subscribers and 3.8 million TikTok followers.

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