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Best 5 PHP Frameworks Which Cover Frameworks Market Share In Coming 2016

As PHP is accepted as the most usable platform for the On-line Web Development all over the world, So PHP Developers are looking forward to the new versions, up-gradations and the different content management system which are going to be launched in the coming years.

Let’s take a look at the big names in queue for the top 5 positions for the best PHP frameworks for the coming year of 2016


About 7 years ago, CakePHP is discovered as the pioneer in PHP Web Development. Latest version 3.0 of CakePHP is loaded with outstanding features like better session management, additional components and modules and many more in this line. With version 3.0, we find it more consistent in terms of conventions and ORM. CakePHP 3.0 gives us the platform to create standalone libraries. In addition to this, there is abundance of tools which have helped in recovering the interoperability.


Another upcoming PHP framework in this queue is Laravel which is MVC based PHP framework carrying amazing aspects from automatic pagination to command line utility for unit testing. It is reliable as it outputs the good and tested lines of code as it consists of Symfony components. Some other great features with which it serves the developers are Packaging system, built in library and unexceptional feature of Object Relational Mapping.


Phalcon is one of the high performance PHP frameworks which get its first stable release in 2012. Except others Phalcon is put into operation using different file extension. This attribute optimizes its work and enhances its speed and performance. Just because it is named after Falcon prefixed with P which stands for PHP. Like others it is utilized for MVC based web applications.


Codeigniter is a simple and elegant PHP framework for the new beginners in Web application development. With its version 2.2.1, it helps web developers with its enhancements like compatibility with every kind of web hosting, zero efforts for web configuration and easy to work libraries.


Zend is the framework which is available with the cryptographic and non vulnerable coding tools which blocks the flaws of the Web application development found in other frameworks. It is compatible with all versions of PHP. Some of its features are use-at-will, Flexible caching sub-system and extensible MVC implementation.

Summarizing Up

Now you are ready to use these 5 amazing PHP frameworks for your upcoming Web Application. Try these 5 and choose your preference to impress your audiences.

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