Highlight of Nerdbot Cosplay: Scuba Steph

We must express our gratitude and love to everyone who enjoys cosplay! One sassy, gold-hearted woman who is a part of a movement that is shattering barriers and pushing boundaries is scuba steph, a Southern California beauty and the mother of Nerdbot and Nerdplay Girls.

Please provide our readers with an introduction.

Although Stephanie is my name, scuba steph is my alias. Though I don’t scuba dive, I do like Adam Sandler films, haha. I’ve always used the alias to keep my family from seeing my cosplay and pornographic material. In addition, I changed my last name to scuba steph because I didn’t want it publicly known.

As a child, what kind were you? Are you extroverted or shy? Did you excel in social studies at school?

My family didn’t celebrate holidays when I was growing up. I had to spend every school holiday event in the principal’s office. Naturally, I didn’t know any better when I was younger, but as I got older, I became aware of how much I wanted to be able to celebrate holidays, particularly Halloween. I found it fascinating that my friends were dressing up as characters and gathering candies, and I really wanted to join in on the fun. When I was sixteen, I went door-to-door dressed merely in pyjamas because I had no costumes. I said that my baby costume was my best night ever.

What drew you to cosplaying?

I began dressing up in cosplay in 2015. I was immediately enthralled after attending my first convention, a Star Wars celebration. The acquaintances I made through cosplay added to the specialness of the group, which was really inviting.

Since I never dressed up as a child, it goes without saying that as an adult, I fell head over heels in love with the cosplay community. I adore everything about cosplay, from creating my own to purchasing and even naughty cosplay. As I approach my 31st birthday, I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

Which three cosplay outfits are your favourites, and why? How are your outfits kept in storage?

My Judge Dredd, Bane, and Velma cosplays are among of my favourites. My first cosplay, which took a lot of money and effort to complete, was Judge Dredd. If anyone is curious, I bought the helmet on Etsy! Since Dredd is one of my favourite movies, I always enjoy dressing up as the character. Conversely, wearing Bane as a cosplay is challenging for me because, without my glasses, I am essentially blind. I apologise; if I don’t have contacts on, I won’t be able to identify you at a conference. My face is marked by the mask as well, but it’s worth it! Being the bad guy is always entertaining. Then there is Velma, who is among my favourites because it is the most basic cosplay I own. I adore that it allows me to wear my spectacles since, well, seeing is wonderful. I have two storage bins in my garage where I keep all of my cosplays, but they’re starting to get a little too full, so I may need to acquire a third container soon.

What about your fans surprises you the most? What tips would you give to someone wishing to get more recognition in the cosplay community? How did you expand your fan base?

When I’m at a conference and someone recognises me, it always excites me. It’s easy to forget that I have an online following, even though it’s always fun to meet new people at these events. I enjoy giving hugs, snapping selfies, and spending even a little while getting to know new people. It absolutely works both ways—I can relate because I’m a huge fan of many cosplayers!

Finally, I strongly advise publishing every day if you’re looking to expand your online following. Producing material every day. The greatest way to grow is via hard work, though. If you don’t post, you won’t attract any followers! Post-post, then! Additionally, TikTok is the newest big thing, so use it.

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