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Using Networking Find Your Career In Engineering


The way we do everything in business seems to happen in phases; the advancements in technology are very much the driving force behind this. However, I am a firm believer that a mixture of new and old can be just the ticket when the spotlight is turned onto the recruitment side of things. The job market is tougher than ever, so candidates such as you and I need to find new and creative ways to land the right positions. Engineering is an area that is seeing a lot of demand for new skillsets, but even with the right training, it is important to take the right actions to land a job that will meet all of your individual needs. Whether you place salary, location or staff perks as a top priority, you will need to do the legwork to satisfy your own demands. That is why networking can be a great ally for you – and in the best practice, it should be done both online and offline.

Here are a few tips to get you started when it comes to networking for engineering recruitment…


Twitter: If you aren’t already a user of social networking site Twitter, it is time to join the bandwagon. Many people are a bit confused when they start using this service as you have to learn the art of tweeting, retweeting and following, but you will quickly get the hang of it. There are also plenty of guides available online to help you grasp the basics. Once you are into the swing of things, you will be able to follow recruiters and engineering firms and make contact with the right people. Also learn how to follow hashtag to stay on top of latest announcements and trends.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also very useful if you are looking for your first, second or any other job. The first handy feature is being able to show off your CV, which is effectively your profile page. Connecting with colleagues and friends is also ideal as they are able to provide you with recommendations and endorsements that other people will be able to read. After you have these elements sorted, it is time to join groups where you will be able to talk to other people in your industry; regular engagement will help to place you as an authority, or a commodity to a firm who is looking for a new employee.


Conferences: You will find that almost every sector has a set of popular conferences and exhibitions each year, and this is the same for engineering too. Of course you will be able to find niche events depending on what exactly you do within the field, so have a look online now to see what you can find. Get yourself registered and then head out to the event in person so you can meet others like you. If you are brave and engage with the people you meet, you may well be able to discover job opportunities that you haven’t already heard about online.

Career fairs: Another great avenue for finding a job in the engineering industry is to head out to a career’s fair. Dress smart and come equipped with business cards and your CV; this way you will look prepared if a potential employer asks for your details. It is important to sound interested and be friendly when talking to companies, as you never know where you might need to get in contact with them again down the line.

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