Selling CDs

Selling CDs To Earn A Profit

551401cd10b86It is possible to make a business out of selling old CDs. You can begin by simply looking through your old collection, copying it all to hard drive and then your CDs can be sold off and you can begin your little business. Deciding to sell CDs from your own collection can be difficult especially if they were gifts or remind you of special occasions but with a digital copy you don’t need to forget. You can still be sentimental and love your favourite songs via your laptop. 

Sorting out your own Collection

As mentioned the best place to begin is your own collection and from there you can begin to strike some deals. You can monitor CDs in your collection on online bidding sites and see if any are particularly valuable or rare. These ones you should keep aside to get the best possible amount for whilst you’re run-of-the-mill collection can simply be shipped out as quickly as possible for that first injection of cash.

Finding more Stock

After you’ve been monitoring CDs on bidding sites you’ll soon see which ones are the best sellers and which make the most cash. Your challenge is then to find these discs and sell them at the best possible price. The longer you spend watching other people sell the better your technique will become and then you can simply adapt and develop these techniques to work for your needs.

Keeping an eye on Profits

The profit margin is what matters. You need to make sure whatever you buy can sell for a better price. It can be easy to get dragged into a bidding war or decide you really need one particular disc. The important thing is to keep things in perspective and have a top end amount your willing to pay otherwise you’ll never succeed and you’ll never make those profits you’re after.

Get yourself known

Even if it’s just chatting to your best friend or neighbor you can use this opportunity to chat about your cost-effective service. Not everybody has computer access and many people are still reliant on CDs and prefer listening to music this way. There are many streams of free advertisement including social media and simply chatting to friends and family. Take every opportunity you get and then you can make the most money possible.

With less and less high street retailers offering CDs at good prices then the internet is the place to go. Of course there are the big branded sellers who offer the items at decent prices but you can undercut these if you secure good but second-hand versions. What’s more there are some CDs which haven’t been reissued and if you can get hold of these then you’re bound to get a great price. Of course there are those which won’t make a profit, such as those from artists who were dropped after their first single or those that never even made it into the charts. You’ll of course learn this when you start monitoring sales when you begin your business.

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