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The Personal Life and Wealth Of Ivy Bodiford

ivy bodiford, a well-known ex-wife, gained notoriety when she wed Kenneth Copeland, a well-known charismatic televangelist from the United States. Kenneth and ivy bodiford are no longer dating. She is still well-known as a result of him, though.

Let’s talk about ivy bodiford childhood, parents, education, siblings, family, personal life, children, career, net worth, and other relevant information.

Private life

Ivy Sandra Bodiford, the daughter of American parents Ivy Weldon and Edna Fay (Swindle) Bodiford, was born on July 5, 1937, in Fort Worth, Texas. Ivy Sandra Bodiford Copeland Sharp is her full name. Speaking of ivy bodiford love life, she had her first romantic encounter when she was still in school. In reality, she married Kenneth Copeland in 1955 when she was just 18 years old, her high school sweetheart. However, the union was brief; the couple divorced in 1958. After that, she wed Bill Sharp in 1960, and the two stayed married until ivy bodiford passing in June of 2022.

both parents and children

There isn’t a lot of information known on ivy bodiford’s family history. Her parents’ names—which you already know to be Ivy Weldon and Edna Fay (Swindle) Bodiford—are all that is known about her family history. Other than that, there is no information known regarding her parents or siblings.


Three children were proudly raised by ivy bodiford. Terri was the name of the first child she had from her first marriage in 1957. She also had two more children with her second marriage, Gary and Becky, in addition to her. ivy bodiford’s three children all reside in the Fort Worth region.

Education and Employment

ivy bodiford’s was raised in Fort Worth, where she finished her elementary education at Poly High School, a nearby school. ivy bodiford’s wed soon after graduating from high school. Given this information, it is likely that she did not continue her education. The public is unaware of her occupation if you mention it.

ivy bodiford’s cult following for what reasons

ivy bodiford’s and Kenneth Copeland had a brief marriage, but it was the key factor in her success. She always kept a low profile and had no desire to bask in the spotlight of the media.

Value of ivy bodiford

ivy bodiford job is unknown, hence it is also impossible to calculate her net worth. ivy bodiford’s appeared to have enough money in her life to live a luxury lifestyle, nevertheless, based on the way she had conducted herself. Kenneth Copeland, her ex-husband, has a staggering net worth of close to 760 million, which is astounding.


ivy bodiford had to deal with a troubled marriage after being married at a young age. ivy bodiford’s, however, had excellent personal life management skills and had a content existence.

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