Tips For Landing Page Of Your Business Website For Generating Traffic


Designing a landing page, which attracts or generates traffic, is no mean task. We can say that the more impressive is your business website landing page the more will be the chances for the website viewer conversion to a loyal client. Here I would like to share a few tips with you, on how to generate more traffic for your business website. Some of these methods are pretty straight-forward and easy to apply.

Have a catchy headline to your content

Your headlines are the first thing that the user sees while browsing the internet. Having a catchy headline will ensure more traffic.

Be first in line

Optimize your page in such a way that search engines displays your page ahead of others. Search engine optimization has always been a powerful way of attracting traffic.

Update your content frequently

Get good content for your webpage and keep updating it as much as possible. If the web content is audience engaging and updated on regular basis, you will get a loyal base of visitors and traffic will keep building up with each update.

Use your social networking accounts to your benefit

Popular social media in the form of Twitter and Facebook can be helpful in directing traffic towards your webpage.

Form links to other sites

While browsing other sites people may turn to yours if you have relevant content and links with their websites.

Promote your web-page

Use any chance that you get to promote your webpage. You can post ads in classifieds, network socially and list your webpage in directories.

Post more frequently

By posting high-quality blogs at frequent intervals, it is possible to boost traffic as people are more interested in changing aspects of your content.

Optimize your old posts as best as possible through external links and URLs

It is advisable to carry out post-editing for your old content, such that the information or data does not become redundant.

Mention men or women of influence on your page

Sometimes, featuring influential public figures may help in promoting your webpage, especially if they have something nice to say about your page.

Influence traffic towards your webpage by joining as a contributor to popular websites

For example, if you are well known on Forbes or Huffington post you can direct traffic by blogging about it on your page.

Make sure you have relevant content on your web-page, something that the customer/consumer is looking for.

Having a dedicated landing page is one of the pre-requisites for an effective online marketing strategy.

While designing your landing page, it is important to differentiate between a reference page, and a transaction page. Design your landing page according to company needs, or policy.

If you need your landing page to be informative, I would suggest designing a reference page, however if you want to carry out transactions on your page, a transaction page would suit your needs.

Briefly mention any recognition or awards that your firm has achieved. Consumers don’t have much to go by when it comes to comparing one site with the other, and awards and recognition always helps in building trust.

Now you are ready to go with your business landing page 🙂


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