Website Without Maintenance is Dead as DoorNail

Web Maintenance

Recently I got opportunity to meet a top executive of a renowned firm. During brief discussion he asked me, “What is the need for website maintenance services?” Like you all I too felt sorry for the gentleman. And if you are not feeling the same than reading this blog indeed is going to be worth full for you rather than anybody else. Anyway, on his question I simply asked him, “Do you implement it frequently?” He pompously said, “Off course I do to maintain good health and to look charming.” Then again I replied don’t you feel that the domain name which is supposed to be the face of your esteem organization and business too requires regular website maintenance. After this the gentleman got my point and I struck an excellent deal.

This incident prompted me to share my views and to give more insights about what is website maintenance? In today’s cut throat competition to gain edge over rivals every company adopt means like promotions, marketing, advertisement and own URL address. Certainly this helps them to keep their presence alive in the memory of customers. I am sure you all will agree with me on this point that first impression is last impression. We all know that before directly approaching any company’s office, officials or even before telephonic conversation prospective clients/customers first visit that company’s URL address. This URL address indeed is any company’s first impression and if unfortunately it goes wrong than undoubtedly that company is back at square one.

All in all I can say that website maintenance services keep your organizations URL name up-to-date. And this is directly proportional to traffic or hits or ranks on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. Needless to mention that more hits means more sales and ultimately profits in your business. This becomes more significant if the domain run on software, as regular up gradation of software is of utmost importance for hunky dory experience of visitors. Hence, it is advisable to always keep online presence as fresh as possible. Definitely this proves handy in SEO or SMM too.

Irony of the situation is that despite of all such factors many organizations fail to do the same. As per my experience, I can say that maximum of such organisation either don’t have time or man power for this. Moreover, why to waste resources, time or energy when professionals are providing such facilities that too at reasonable prices? One can sign a website maintenance agreement with any such organisation and can freely focus on his/her prime business issues.

Just for your reference, I have given a list of key responsibilities which come under this website maintenance package:

  • Make sure web content is accurate
  • Updates software, description, prices, discounts, offers available on various products
  • Ensures articles, blogs, news, reviews, events, pictures, contact nos. and employee information as fresh as possible
  • Give reply to customers queries or comments
  • Helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Renew URL copyright date and validity

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