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Essential Things You Can Do With Your Nintendo 3DS

It’s safe to say the 3DS is a popular console, and one of the leading portable devices when it comes to gaming, yet the device can do so much more. Here’s a rundown of 10 things you can do with a Nintendo 3DS. These all features make the 3DS something you’ll want to keep, they also help show some of the impressive technology behind it, which means it will fetch a decent price when you decide to sell a Nintendo 3DS or other console later on.


First found on the Wii, the Miis have found their way onto the 3DS. Whilst not much fun on their own, they combine with other 3DS features, such as Street pass, to offer more flexibility and fun.

Cross compatibility

Got friends you want to play with that don’t have a 3DS? If they have a Wii U, you might just be able to do that. Certain games, such as Monster Hunter 3, offer cross-connectivity between the 3DS games allow you to play together.

3D videos

A 3D screen invites more than just gaming. Whether you’re looking for fun content, or want the additional 3D factor to watch, there’s a little something for everyone.

3D photos

Since it has a 3D screen, it would be a waste not to include a compatible camera. The 3DS lets you take 3D photos, edit them and generally mess around. Perfect for when you’re bored, what more could you want?

Online gaming

What modern console wouldn’t have online gaming? The 3DS is no exception to this; not only does it have excellent online facilities, it has plenty of decent games such as Mario Kart that are simply more fun with online multi-player.

Browse the internet

If you’re going to have online gaming, why not go the whole way? Similar to the PSP and PS3, the 3DS also offers a web browser. Whilst these devices aren’t designed as personal computers, having a device that can quickly hop online is never a bad thing.

Augmented reality

Commonly known as AR, the 3DS has a range of uses, such as AR games and an AR camera or interface. Augmented reality involves using a camera, overlaying what’s shown on screen with addition computer generated graphics and models. In short, it’s fun.

Play music

Considering everything else it does, is it no surprise that the 3DS can play music? Again, this is handy if you want to carry your favourite songs with you. Why carry a music player and a 3DS when the latter can do both?

Send letters

Nintendo Letterbox is a nifty application that lets you send letters and mail to friends. The touch screen controls and stylus allow for intuitive writing, giving you plenty of space for creativity.

Play Games

Finally, let’s not forget that the 3DS is first and foremost a games console. Despite all the cool things the 3DS can do in addition, sometimes it’s nice to remember the simple gaming potential the device can offer, as well as the range of games it already has to prove itself with.

With plenty of gaming consoles lying around the house, it should be of no surprise that Darren MacLean has some experience with the Nintendo 3DS. When he’s able to put it down, he loves nothing more than to type new news and information to help others around the globe and this includes offering advice on where to sell Nintendo 3DS consoles for cash.

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