Laptop Upgrade

Get Best Ideas Finance A Laptop Upgrade

originalA decent laptop is an essential piece of kit for many small businesses, as well as a great entertainment tool thanks to its access to the internet and the ability to watch films and TV shows or play the latest video games. Keeping up to date isn’t always easy, but with new laptops getting better and better it’s well worth finding the money somehow and getting in on the action. Here’s a few suggestions for raising the funds… 

Go Digital

Many people keep their whole music collections in digital formats now, using mp3 players and online subscriptions. Why not embrace this idea by clearing out all your old CDs and selling them for cash. You will save load of space in your home and make a little money towards a new laptop at the same time. With online TV services and movie on-demand websites there really is no need to rush out to rent and then buy the latest DVDs any more either. Much like your CDs, the format will be totally out of date soon enough, so make the move now while you can. Don’t be like those fools that held on to cassettes and VHS far too long – until they were completely worthless. Some CDs and DVDs hold pretty good second-hand value, so you might even have a few rare money-spinners tucked away somewhere.

Clear Out Old PCs & Parts

If you are looking to buy a fancy new laptop you’ll find that you’ll end up using it for everything. Why not get rid of that half-working PC you’ve been putting off fixing for ages and sell it for parts instead. Get rid of the old games console that you hardly use and put the money towards a laptop that will play newer and better games anyway. If I had a current laptop that was hanging on to life I’d also be more than happy to sell my laptop too and be without one for a few weeks, if it meant getting the latest one in its place eventually. ‘Do It Yourself’ computing is a nice hobby but unless you are super talented you are unlikely to end up building or upgrading a system that will be as efficient and trouble-free as a professionally built one.

Sell, Sell, Sell

A boot-sale or yard-sale is a great way to make some cash and also clear some room. Everyone has old stuff they are a bit reluctant to throw away, but seeing it go to a good home is another matter. You might even find some hidden gems that make more money than you expected. If you don’t fancy setting up a stall somewhere, then go online and sell what you can there. Every penny counts.

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