Why Replenish Laptops Are A Great Option?

While many of us have realized the beauty of refurbished laptops, phones and tablets, others are still unsure about whether it’s really a good option for them. People tend to be more attached to the idea of a new laptop than they are to many other things, including cars and houses. Here are some reasons why, for a great many people in all walks of life, it makes sense to buy a refurbished laptop.

Money-Saving Brilliance

The impression that tech items ought to be new to each user is a hard one to get over for many of us, but if you think about it for a moment that really doesn’t make a huge amount of sense. People, who wouldn’t think twice about buying a second-hand car, with proven reliability and no high mark-up for being ‘new’, somehow feel that laptops should come straight from the manufacturer each time. The amount of money you can save by choosing a refurbished laptop can be astounding. It could be that you can afford a much better laptop than you think, or you could put the money you save towards something else you have your eye on. You can often choose the age of your laptop and its use level as you can with cars and you’ll know you’re getting the most for your money.

Less Environmental Impact

Using a refurbished laptop is a popular choice among the environmentally aware IT needs. A refurbished laptop is one that’s been used (even if it’s for just a short while) and then recycled, meaning less wasted IT equipment goes into landfill. Additionally, the huge amount of resources that go into each new laptop is staggering. If more people bought refurbished laptops then we’d save, for each laptop, around 529lb of fossil fuels, plus over 1.5 tons of water and a huge amount of chemicals. For individuals who’re concerned about their carbon footprint and organisations and charities with carbon (and financial) targets in mind, refurbished tech is ideal.

Brands You Want at a Reasonable Price

If you haven’t developed particular brand loyalty, or you’d like to try a brand of laptop without paying the full retail price, refurbished laptops are a sensible way to try out a different sort of laptop without investing too much. You can still get warranties and all the customer service¬†you’d expect for such an important purchase and the resale price will depreciate far less quickly than that of a brand new laptop.

While there is a lot to be said for that glorious moment when you remove a new laptop from its pristine packaging, the reality is that buying a refurbished one is a much better option, especially in the current financial climate. You get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that you’re getting the very best piece of equipment for your money rather than paying over the odds for a newer model that doesn’t meet your needs any better.

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